Two months – Almost there

Week 5

A week of extreme differences this week as Sean came down with an illness at the end of last week and is still currently suffering and subsequently unable to train. Me on the other hand have decided to hit the cardio training quite hard again this week and have spent most of the week on the cross trainer doing the fat burner exercise programme. I am starting to feel a lot better already and I can already feel my stamina starting to increase. I think I will raise my cross trainer time up to 30 minutes a day next week compared to the 20 minutes I have been doing.

Week 6

So mid-week and Sean has finally managed to get some training done again. Unfortunately it has only been light training as he was still not feeling 100% plus had a week’s holiday which he spent with his daughter to contend with as well. This week was a period of annual leave for me and so with a few days away abroad I lost a couple of days of exercising but once I was back in this country I was straight back out doing some street running. Managed to do 30 mins with no breaks 4 days this week. At this rate mudder won’t know what has hit it when I get there and Sean won’t know what has hit him if he gets there.

Week 7

A better week for Sean this week saw him getting some cardio exercise in on a stationary (upright) bike as well as doing the bodyweight exercises I set for him. Its good to see he has shaken off his illness and we will be back on track for him to complete the event. This was week two of my holiday and this has consisted of just more street running. I have manage 5 non-stop 30 minute sessions which has showed me that stamina is well on its way. If I can I will up this again next week once I am back at work and have the SportsDocks facilities back at my disposal again.

After 7 weeks I am feeling great and my stamina is looking much better. Sean on the other hand to the visual eye has started to change in appearance already. He looks slimmer and his clothes don’t seem to have quite as tight a fit. When speaking to him he also feels much better in himself and I think is finally starting to believe that he can do this.

Week 8

 So we have reached March and the big event is now only two months away. Sean has spent this week training really hard and has upped his Elliptical trainer fat burner routine up to 30 minutes at a time which is good news for him, as the more he does the easier he will fine the cardio aspect that mudder has to offer. Its al very well him being able to do the strength obstacles but at the end of the day this course is between 12-13 miles long as well. He has also participated in another of my free circuits, but his comments about how easy my ‘Killer Move’ was will come back to haunt him. This month has seen the SportsDock start a Preva Gym Challenge of trying to burn as many calories across the month whilst using the cardio machines in the fitness centre. This should help me to achieve my own cardio requirements for tough mudder. I have started out this week by trying to do 30 minutes at least a day on the elliptical. Let’s see how quickly I can burn the calories and win this challenge.

Fantastic to see Sean is back in the swing of training. However he will live to regret saying my killer move was too easy. Calories and Cardio are now my big focus for the rest of this month.

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