Fresh Food is the Best Food!

Many people are aware of the relationship between food and our health. Through the choices we make every day we can change our physiological wellbeing in a positive or negative way. However, in this Covid-19 pandemic situation people tend to get more packed and processed foods, on the other hand fresh fruits, veggies and whole non-processed foods are left behind as a food choice. This might be because of the fresh foods short expiry dates or the opportunity for people to go out shopping every day, which led to stocking of long lasting products that fill up shelves in our homes.

All this can make daily food consumption monotonous and poor in macro and micro nutrients such as the quality protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which in theory we know a lot about but we do not apply in practice. Therefore it is necessary to change the processed foods with foods rich in quality macro and micro nutrients as well as antioxidants.

Why we should do this? Well, here are some important reasons of why we should consume whole and fresh foods more frequently to boost our diet and therefore our health:

  • The modern diet is expensive for our immune systems – nearly 70% of our immune cells are present in our digestive system which ultimately makes these cells in direct contact with the food we consume on daily basis;
  • It makes a difference in our bodies of what food source we feed it with – processed food requires less energy to digest and absorb, while non-processed food not only gives the body with quality micro and macro nutrients, but it also take part in many important vital processes within the body;
  • Food is not just a fuel, and our body is not a machine that just requires it – many people understand the importance on the food choices, and for them is important only to have sources of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, but they do not look at the quality of them. This is a huge factor, and the better the quality of the food, the better the physiological response of our bodies will be when food is digested and absorbed. So here it is, food is not just fuel, but it is also information to our bodies.

It is commonly mentioned that eating healthy and well is expensive and takes a lot of time. This can be partially true and depends on factors such as; considering your budget that is for food only, getting to know the prices and the place you buy products, planning beforehand, also good organisation while shopping, and last but not least being creative when cooking in the kitchen.

So, to save some time for menu refreshing it is always good to put some effort in our habits such as planning, organised shopping, and creative imagination in the kitchen. Also it’s good always to involve members of your household in all this as you give everyone appropriate tasks to do, as it breaks the barrier of boredom whilst at home.

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