More sleep please

The importance of sleep in you training routine

The majority of us live very busy lives with work and family keeping us busy throughout the day. It a challenge just getting into the gym to training with a busy lifestyle! However please keep in mind the importance of sleep in your training routine.

A paper completed by show how athletes bodies, whilst asleep, secretes human growth hormone (GH) from the Pituitary gland whilst we are at rest. Growth Hormone is needed to help repair the body’s muscles through protein synthesis and also helps to break down fat in the body. Lack of sleep deprives the body of enough time to secrete GH to adequately build or repair the body and therefore can lead to injury or stop exercise progress.

The recommended amount of sleep for moderate to heavy exercisers is between 7 to 10 hours (Cheri Mah Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic) However Researchers from University of Pennsylvania suggest that you are unable to catch up on sleep. Therefore please bear in mind that an extra sleep at the weekend does not make up for lost sleep over the week.

Keep in mind that a good night’s sleep is an important part of anyone’s exercise programme!

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