The legend.

It is almost impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing someone in a T-shirt telling you about some sporting challenge event that they have taken part in or completed. Probably one of the most common to see or at least recognise is the burning man of Tough Mudder.

                Tough Mudder claims to be the toughest obstacle course on the planet. It ranges from 10-12 miles and compromises of obstacles using the four main elements of earth, fire, water and electricity. Mudder was the brain child of two British students, Will Dean and Guy Livingstone, studying at the Harvard Business School. It was originally desgined as a business plan in the business schools annual competion and ended up as one of the semi-finalists.

            Mudder went from a single event in Pensylvania to a multi-national multievent in less than 3 years and is now estimated to be worth at least $70 Million. Mudder however is not all about the profits and often works along side military affiliated charities in the nations where it is holding events.

         In the UK Mudder supports the Help For Heroes (H4H) foundation. H4H was set up in 2007 and was designed to help provide better facilities for the brave service men and women that are injured or wonded serving in the line of duty.

            So how can we help H4H ourselves? Well at UEL SportsDock there is two poissible ways to help out. Firstly on May 3rd 2015, SportsDock will be entering their own Tough Mudder Team made up of Staff and Members of the Sports centre. So if you want get on to the Tough Mudder website and book up a place and join TEAM UEL. Then get training. The SportsDock currently offers several Personal Programmes that can be purchased in order to help you with your training. Talk to a member of the SportsDock Staff for more information on this.If this is not for you however there is always the second option. Find one of the Donation pages for the Team UEL Members and give some of your hard earned cash to them.

            For more information on Tough Mudder or Personal Programmes then please feel free to drop in to SportsDock and see one of our Fitness Instructors.

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