Detox Yoga

She said

I have only been to one Yoga class before and it was painful. The instructor had to keep correcting me and I couldn’t get very far with any of the stretches, it was something I’d rather forget about. Until 2015 when I jumped on the “New Year, New You” band wagon and asked a colleague to make sure I worked out. Obviously he asked me to go to Detox Yoga. Dun dun duuuuun.

With a change of scenery, a different instructor and a different type of Yoga I knew I could do it again and actually benefit from it. The class wasn’t too busy, the instructor didn’t have to correct me all the time and I left feeling somehow different than when I left. I know I still need my cardio but Detox Yoga is great for some down time between the hardcore stuff.

He Said

Detox Yoga is one of my favorite classes that I have taken part in, I found it really useful. I went to the class in order to relax and recover after a long week of training and competing for UELSports.

Before I started attending Yoga, I was under the impression that the class may be aimed at females but I was quickly reassured that this was not the case. The class is challenging and it took me a while to learn some of the Yoga positions, I really felt it afterwards!

One line: Great for your core muscles when you’re in too much pain to go to the gym

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