Chocoholics Anonymous

Like most of us, I didn’t believe I had willpower when it came to food.

In particular I’m talking about cake, biscuits and most of all; chocolate. Basically, I, like a lot of people, love everything we shouldn’t have too much of.

That is however, until I recently met up with a friend who had given them all up for a month…yes a month! So that inspired me to do the same.

Like most of us I love chocolate and would happily consume some form of it every day. My addiction is so bad that I can’t eat it in moderation. It had to be all or nothing if I was going to cut down.

At first it was really difficult…

My housemate (who shall remain anonymous) is a fellow chocoholic who has no want or need to give up chocolate. This doesn’t help. She has no consideration. She is always cooking brownies (are you serious? Chocolate and cake…together)

Left over chocolate cake was left on the side to remind me what I was missing out on. But I persevered!

With my need for chocolate trying to get the better of me and no substitute in sight I needed a deterrent. A constant thought that would prevent me from raiding the corner shop.

So, I decided to do some digging and this is what I found:

When you buy chocolate the brands tend to split the calories up into “per portion” which usually means a pitiful three squares or four chocolate buttons…a lot less than what anyone (Well me at least) would consider a portion.

Keeping this in mind a small bag of Cadbury’s chocolate buttons is 170 calories! And a standard 49g bar of Cadbury’s chocolate is 260. Out of all the popular chocolate bars the lowest I could find was Cadbury’s Fudge at 110, and that’s not going to satisfy any chocoholic!

Exercise helps me feel less guilty, but what’s the point in only burning off calories from chocolate when you could be burning off calories from meals?
What can we do to stop the damage? The number of calories we burn will depend on how much each of us weighs. An 11 stone woman, like me, would have to cycle at a moderate pace for 123 minutes for a 160g Thorntons Milk Chocolate Egg. That sounds like a lot of peddling!

It is said that you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound. If you don’t consume extra calories that bad foods possess, you don’t need to burn them off. The exercise you then do could be better used to burn off those problem areas.

So what happens after my month is over?

I’ve found that my sweet tooth is less dominant in my life, and after seeing those statistics I know that refusing chocolate is going to do me more good than bad. I know it sounds simple, but there is nothing like a few statistics to really grab your attention.

So, give it a go, find your inner will power, take control of your body and give up comfort foods for a month.

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