Keeping those resolutions

On New year’s, like many others, I made new year’s resolutions. I will stop eating lots of chocolate, I will exercise more, I will lose weight. So three months down the line how am I doing?

I will stop eating lots of chocolate

I’m very open about my relationship with chocolate. I love chocolate. I was reminded the other month that every birthday of mine for the last three years has had something to do with chocolate. A chocolate tour, a chocolate festival, a chocolate fountain. So I decided to cut down. It was going so well until my colleague bought me 10…yes 10 Double Deckers as a thank you for work I did for them. I fell off the wagon.

I will exercise more

I started doing classes three times a week. Pilates, Boxercise, Dance Fitness. I had convinced myself that the gym wasn’t for me. I didn’t know what I was doing and preferred dancing to running any day. Problem. Classes are at set times of the day and one over run meeting can mess the whole system up. Exercise goes out the window.

I will lose weight

 So as a result of the above I did not lose weight.

Getting back on the wagon

Three weeks ago I decided things needed to change. This is how I did it.

Find the time

I was never a morning person. I tried classes at lunch (Didn’t work) I tried classes after work (I just want to get home) So I decided I should become a morning person. I get up an hour earlier and spend half an hour a day at the gym…yes, the gym.

Make a plan

When I started at the gym I would amble around doing a bit of this and that. I didn’t expect to see results. So I booked a personal plan with Kef. For those of you who know Kef and are staring at your computer screen with a “What did you do that for?” face I have to say some of the other instructors were surprised too. I knew Kef would challenge me, but also listen to what I wanted to do and more importantly, what I didn’t want to do (Burpees). He knows that you must enjoy a workout to want to do it. So he wrote me five half hour workouts that focus on one part of my body a day.

Stick to it

You know what they say, it takes 21 days (More or less) to form a habit. After three weeks at the gym, at 7:15am when the alarm goes off my body doesn’t scream at me to go back to sleep, but there is still a tiny part of me that says “But you went yesterday and the day before, you can sleep now” by the time that sentence has finished I’m already out of bed because my body just does it.

Find your motivation

I’ve found that my motivation has changed. It used to be to get fit and toned, now that I’ve noticed my body changing and colleagues have started commenting on my hard work my motivation is to keep changing. I recently purchased the Cosmopolitan Body magazine (Which I recommend to all) There was an article about two staff members having a personal training session with a world class trainer and a couple of words stuck with me. “When you hit the wall you start to get better” and I’ve found myself thinking this when I don’t think I can do any more. Your body is capable of more than you think.

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